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An Urgent Appeal to Cargo Owners from MICT Management

An Urgent Appeal to Cargo Owners from MICT Management


March 27, 2020

TO : Consignees, Shippers, Brokers/Processors

FROM : MICT Management

Subject : An Urgent Appeal to Cargo Owners

During the enhanced community quarantine, our team at ICTSI has acted as non-medical support for our economy for almost two-weeks to ensure that our country’s maritime trade flow is maintained. Despite the difficulties travelling from as far as Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan on a daily basis, each and every employee has taken health risks while doing their best to ensure every container that arrives or departs is handled during this difficult time. 

Unfortunately, we have now come to a point where it is becoming impossible to operate in an efficient manner. On March 14, there were 22,043 TEU of imports in the terminal, today there are 36,793 TEU. Containers are simply not being removed from the terminal. We understand that it is unfeasible for some, and many businesses have been temporarily shut down, but without the full support of everyone that is able to open, we will come to a point when efficient operations will no longer be possible.

What you can do:

  • Any consignee with reefer cargo, please withdraw your reefers immediately;
  • Please withdraw all cleared cargo immediately. From March 1 to March 26 alone, there are 8,201 cleared containers sitting in the terminal. Many are food containers. Over 850 TEU are refrigerated containers;
  • There are over 21,387 TEUs waiting for clearance and release that have been discharged after March 1, over 1,400 TEU of which are reefers. Those who are able must please clear and remove your containers immediately;
  • For those unable to take delivery at your own facilities, please utilize our offsite facilities in Laguna, Bulacan, or Cavite. Special accommodations are available to anyone who utilizes these facilities.

On top of your efforts, we are likewise appealing to the IATF to facilitate the immediate approval for transfer or condemnation of the following through the BOC:

  •  There are currently 7,000+ TEU in the yard overstaying for more than 30 days;
  • 5,400+ TEU of these are uncleared overstaying boxes of which:
    • 4,865 TEU are overstaying and were discharged between   2010 and 2019. Condemn and approve the transfer of all containers here which were discharged in 2018 or earlier immediately bypassing the tedious condemnation and auction process. We must act on this after years of debate. 
  • All cleared boxes over 30 days old should have approvals facilitated for the transfer these to our external facilities without delay.

For everyone that has made the effort these last few weeks to deliver their cargo, we thank you. We will all overcome this crisis but a quick return to economic normalcy will only occur if we all continue to play our part in keeping maritime cargo flowing. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will become. The longer we wait, the more of a disservice is being done to our country.


Christian R. Gonzalez
Executive Vice President ICTSI

Original Letter from MICT:

2020.3.27 ICTSI Letter to Community.pdf